In 1976 Julia Morris worked with the Monroe School District’s Christmas Food Basket Drive.

She knew there was a need all year round and began giving food out of her own cupboards. She rallied for help and donations until the food bank was officially set up inside a church annex. The Food Bank had many temporary homes until a permanent building was erected at 233 Sky River Parkway in 1987.

This is where the Food Bank continues to operate to this day. The Monroe Kiwanis Club and the Monroe School District were key to its beginning success.

Julia Morris worked diligently to reduce hunger in her community up until the age of 81. She was known as a local hero, someone who would literally give you the shirt off her back if she thought you needed it.

She is memorialized by the City of Monroe’s official declaration of the Food Bank building, as the “Julia V. Morris” building. Next to the food bank is a community garden named the “Julia V. Morris Centennial Garden”.”

The Board of Directors is currently made up of nine caring and astute business men and women including a banker, lawyer, and several business owners. The Board of Directors donate their time and energy in overseeing this well run, efficient charity.

When Julia passed away in 1999, her daughter Julie A. Morris stepped in as Executive Director and served until her retirement in March, 2010, when the current Director, Neil Watkins, took over the role.

  • You Make It Possible

    Your gifts of time, food, and funds are the only reason why we are able to give food out approximately 5,000 times per month (10 meals each time!) to children, seniors, and adults in need in the Monroe area.