There are several areas of volunteer opportunities. We ask people to commit to a regular routine such as one half day per week (up to three days per week). Responsibilities include anything from office to warehouse to distribution and more!

All we require is that you are a person with heart!! Our volunteers collectively put in over 10,000 hours per year! Impressive, we know…. and we are very proud of our happy group of volunteers!

If you would like to volunteer at the food bank, contact us for more information at 360.794.7959 or by email at endhunger@svfoodbank.org.

Click here for our volunteer application.

Youth under the age of 18 need a volunteer application and a youth contract.

  • You Make It Possible

    Your gifts of time, food, and funds are the only reason why we are able to give food out approximately 5,000 times per month (10 meals each time!) to children, seniors, and adults in need in the Monroe area.